Mission statement

The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) …

  • provides official development aid on behalf of Liechtenstein's
  • works especially in rural regions in the fields of education, health and
    rural development.
  • gives priority to gender issues, social justice and the environment in all
  • is a private-law foundation of the people and government of
  • was founded in 1965.


The LED is committed to a world where …

  • women and men are able to take their fate into their own hands and
    where human rights apply to everybody.
  • all people are able to satisfy their basic needs: food, safety, education
    and health.
  • paying fair wages and prices is the rule.
  • the natural resources are shared with future generations.
  • conflicts are solved by peaceful means.
  • cultural diversity is seen as an asset and cultivated accordingly.


The LED wants to …

  • give assistance and hope to disadvantaged people in countries with
    weak economies by financing specific projects.
  • cooperate with project partners from Europe and the target countries
    on a long-term basis and with a sense of commitment.
  • provide much needed know-how through experts.
  • foster the exchange between rich and poor countries and among poor
  • stand for the interests and points of view of the people from the target
    countries in Liechtenstein.
  • increase the solidarity of Liechtenstein's population and make it visible
    at home and abroad.


LED attaches great importance to …

  • partners with a clear-cut profile that meets the needs of the target
    groups and corresponds to one's own competencies.
  • long-term relations based on trust, responsibility and reliability.
  • honest communication unafraid of addressing strengths and
    weaknesses tactfully.
  • a small administration working in an efficient and predictable way.
  • economical and correct handling of funds. The LED lets itself be
    reviewed voluntarily and regularly by the National Audit Office of
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