Liechtenstein's international humanitarian cooperation and development encompasses all of the government's humanitarian and development policy activities, including those of the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED).


International humanitarian cooperation and development addresses four categories:

  • Emergency aid and reconstruction assistance

  • International refugee and migrant aid

  • Bilateral development cooperation 

  • Multilateral development cooperation.


The institutions tasked with this are the Office of Foreign Affairs (AAA) and the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED).

Corporate Governance & Compliance

The LED is a private-benefit foundation and is subject to the regulations of Liechtenstein's public venture management and monitoring law («Gesetz über die Steuerung und Überwachung öffentlicher Unternehmen, ÖUSG»). Adherence to the corporate governance and compliance rules and recommendations is of the utmost priority to the LED.

For all «Corporate Governance & Compliance» related matters, please contact: 


Cheikh Mbacke Gueye
T +423 222 09 76


Legal basis

International humanitarian cooperation and development law (in German) (PDF)
Owner Strategy (in German) (PDF)
Articles of Association (in German) (PDF)
Organisation regulations (in German) (PDF)



Anticorruption guidelines and code of conduct (in German) (PDF)
Visibility Guidelines (PDF)


Annual Reports

Annual report 2021 (in German) (PDF)

Annual report 2020 (in German) (PDF)

Annual report 2019 (in German) (PDF)


Annual Accounts

Annual Account 2021 (in German) (PDF)

Annual account 2020 (in German) (PDF)

Annual account 2019 (in German) (PDF)