Public relations

Public relations aims

The LED's public relations work consists of three areas with specific aims:


  1. Development policy related information and educational activities in Liechtenstein aimed at encouraging the people of Liechtenstein to view themselves as belonging to and acting as part of the global community and therefore showing solidarity.
  2. Promoting the image of the country of Liechtenstein with the aim of being perceived as a generous member of the global community of states that shows solidarity.
  3. Promoting the image of the LED with the aim of being valued as a trustworthy and competent development cooperation organisation.


For all «Public relations» related matters, please contact:


Alexandra Ospelt

T +423 222 09 79

Many of our news services and tools are in German only. We are currently in the process of reevaluating our communications strategy.

So look out for changes to come by 2024.


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