Public relations

Public relations aims

The LED's public relations work consists of three areas with specific aims:


  1. Development policy related information and educational activities in Liechtenstein aimed at encouraging the people of Liechtenstein to view themselves as belonging to and acting as part of the global community and therefore showing solidarity.
  2. Promoting the image of the country of Liechtenstein with the aim of being perceived as a generous member of the global community of states that shows solidarity.
  3. Promoting the image of the LED with the aim of being valued as a trustworthy and competent development cooperation organisation.


For all «Public relations» related matters, please contact:


Claudia Digruber

T +423 222 09 78

Exhibition «GLOBAL HAPPINESS: What do we need to be happy?» with the complementary exhibition «Showing solidarity – because Liechtenstein cares about everyone's welfare».

15.05.2020 – 28.02.2021 at the Liechtenstein National Museum


The Liechtenstein National Museum and the exhibition «GLOBAL HAPPINESS» as well as the complementary exhibition «Showing solidarity – because Liechtenstein cares about everyone's welfare» opened on 15 May 2020. Luckily, it has been possible to extend the exhibition to 28 February 2021. Although guided tours of the exhibitions are currently not possible due to coronavirus, we are very much looking forward to you visiting us on your own from 15 May onwards! 


The Helvetas GLOBAL HAPPINESS exhibition is about a happy, sustainable world and focuses on the question of how all people on Earth can lead content lives without overtaxing the planet's resources. The LED's complementary «Showing solidarity» exhibition – organised in cooperation with the AAA, NEZA and VLGST – illustrates that Liechtenstein cares about everyone's welfare.


An exciting and playful exhibition on a topic that moves us all!


See here for more detailed information.



Every year, the LED publishes a calendar that is displayed above all in schools and public buildings. These calendars can be ordered from the LED office from mid-December onwards. The calendar 2021 focuses on GLOBAL HAPPINESS and puts the connection between global, community and individual happiness and sustainability in the centre. Browse through the digital contributions that can be found in the 2021 calendar:


Blickwechsel Magazine / special edition 2020 on «GLOBAL HAPPINESS»

The LED magazine is generally published twice a year. However, as the LED focused entirely on the «GLOBAL HAPPINESS» exhibition in 2019 and 2020, the Blickwechsel magazine will not be published in those years.