Educational work

Principles of information and educational activities

The LED's information and educational activities are …


  • topic-focused: For set periods, the LED focuses on key issues defined by the Foundation Board.
  • solution-oriented: They do not merely highlight issues but attempt to also show solutions and potential solutions.
  • target-group specific: Every offer is tailored towards a set target group.
  • comprehensive: The LED appeals to the mind as well as the emotions. Whenever this is sensible, it encourages active involvement.
  • collaborative: Wherever possible, the LED hosts its events together with other organisations.
  • recurrent: The LED attempts to repeat certain activities on a regular basis in order to firmly establish them as traditions.


Core messages of the information and educational activities

The LED communicates the following core messages with its information and educational activities:


  • We live in ONE world. As a small country, we are particularly dependent on other countries.
  • We will only do well in the long term if the others are doing well. In a mobile world, poverty and destitution can no longer be locked out.
  • Think and feel globally, act locally. Change has to begin with us - with the whole picture in mind.
  • Every culture is special and deserves respect.
  • Development cooperation has a proven effect. It empowers people to take control of their lives.

Educational work in schools

Selected information on the topic of global learning and sustainable development:


Tip 1

The educational media office Didaktische Medienstelle (DMS) in Vaduz offers suitable material, arranged according to topics and school types.


Tip 2

The Swiss centre of expertise for sustainable development education  Education 21 ( offers respective services as well as extensive material online, as does the global learning portal «Eine Welt Internet Konferenz» (


Tip 3

Please do not hesitate to contact the LED – we will be happy to advise you.

The LED has compiled educational material packs which you are welcome to use:



Do you have any enquiries in the field of educational work? Please contact us at or by phone +423 222 09 70.