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04. December 2023

Is Agroecology also economically viable?

Agroecology (AE) has also been promoted as a promising approach for smallholder agriculture in Africa for a number of years. In order to close existing knowledge gaps, various research organisations have been working on documenting and evaluating the socio-economic viability of agroecological practices in Africa. The results will be presented at a forum from 5 to 7 December in Dakar (Senegal) and shared with the public online. Researchers, civil society and politicians will discuss the results and share their findings and perspectives.
This forum is organised by the Transformative Partnership Platform for Agroecology (TPP) initiative, which the LED has been supporting since summer 2023. With regard to its new focus topic «Sustainable food systems with a focus on agroecology» the LED wants to promote agroecological methods in research and practice. «Agroecology is the opportunity for many African countries to achieve a better food system without repeating the ecological mistakes of industrialised countries. It is important to get everyone - politicians, producers and consumers - round the table», explains LED CEO Andreas Sicks.   


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"Documentation and assessment of the socio-economic viability of agroecological practices in Africa".