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24. June 2021

Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova visits the LED

The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) maintains a long-standing and fruitful development cooperation with the Republic of Moldova. Today's visit of the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, Tatiana Molcean, to the LED was a sign of this good cooperation. Christian Batliner (president of the board), Pius Frick (CEO a.i.), as well as Cheikh Gueye (project manager responsible for Moldova) welcomed the Ambassador and the First Secretary of the Embassy, Igor Zaharciuc, in the LED premises. Also present at the meeting was Panagiotis Potolidis-Beck from the Office of Foreign Affairs, which has a coordinating function in Liechtenstein's development cooperation.


During the visit, the LED presented the ambassador how the LED has been supporting vocational education and training in the Republic of Moldova for about fourteen years. The ambassador praised the good cooperation with the LED. The clear thematic orientation, the long-term perspective and the regular direct contact with the Ministry of Education and other actors in vocational education and training make the LED a reliable and respected partner in development cooperation.


After acknowledging the achievements, the participants also discussed the future cooperation. There was the joint understanding that the direct dialogue, a functioning flow of information and a clear strategy are good prerequisites for the continuation of cooperation. The LED emphasised that it wants to continue supporting the Moldovan education sector with project funding, but also through participation in expert committees and working groups, or simply as a discussion partner for the Moldovan VET department and other actors. To keep the support for Moldova up to date, the participants underlined the importance of the National Strategy 2030 and the Education Strategy 2030, elaborated by the government of Moldova.

Bild von Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova visits the LED