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14. March 2024

Video report on LED project with IPTK in Bolivia


The video (Spanish without subtitles) gives a vivid impression of the IPTK (Instituto Politecnico Tomás Katar) project in Bolivia supported by the LED. The non-profit NGO was founded in 1976 and has been working with the LED on this project since 2018.  


Background to the project: the climate crisis and water scarcity are jeopardising agricultural production and pose a threat to campesino families and producer associations in the district of San Pedro de Macha.  The project part already implemented has developed technologies and agricultural good practices that have been well received by local small farmers.  In the current difficult conditions, however, there is an urgent need for more knowledge and expertise in the areas of water management and efficient water utilisation and complementary measures such as reforestation, micro-watershed management, water source management and technical management of the management of the integral agro-ecological production system.