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27. June 2024

Specialist seminar on «conflict-sensitive» project work provides impetus

16 representatives from Liechtenstein and Austrian organisations took part in this training course in Feldkirch on 12 June. The participants discussed how conflict-sensitive and participatory project work can avoid unwanted negative effects and achieve better project results. Speakers Birgit Anna Mayerhofer and Ilona Reindl, both from AG Globale Verantwortung, conveyed methods and practical tools of the do-no-harm approach. 


The compact one-day seminar was a joint event organised by the Liechtenstein Development Service and the State of Vorarlberg. 


Development cooperation projects aim to bring about positive change in the lives of local people, mainly in the global south. Project implementation often takes place in a challenging political environment or against a backdrop of social conflict. It is therefore important to consciously keep an eye on conflicts and social tensions throughout the entire project cycle and adapt project activities if necessary. 


Bild von Specialist seminar on «conflict-sensitive» project work provides impetus