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26. January 2023

Sister Rebecca visits LED office in Schaan

On her «home leave», Sister Rebecca from Peru visited the Liechtenstein Development Service on 24 January. In an exchange with the LED management and the LED project manager in Schaan, she reported on the current challenges in the projects in Moro, e.g. the difficult water management in agriculture and other activities against the background of growing social inequality and severe political unrest in the country. The projects focus strongly on education and aim to increase the social and (inter)cultural skills as well as the integration of the population and the quality of life of the people in the district of Moro and the valley of the Rio Loco. The LED has supported their commitment for many years and was very pleased to have a personal exchange with the well-known Liechtenstein Catholic religious sister.


In the picture: Sister Rebecca Frick accompanied by Jacqueline Vogt, President of the Foundation of the Circle of Friends of Sister Rebecca; Head of Finance LED Claudia Foser-Laternser, LED Managing Director Andreas Sicks and LED Project Manager Julia Heeb. 


Bild von Sister Rebecca visits LED office in Schaan