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14. December 2023

Report on Zambian TV about SolidarMed Meeting in Lusaka


TV1 report in English, duration: 2.5 minutes, about SolidarMed's strategic planning meeting on 8 December in the Zambian capital Lusaka. Together with the Hilti Foundation, the LED has been supporting SolidarMed's nursing project since 2015.

In their contribution, John Tierney, Country Director of SolidarMed, and Dr George Sinyangwe, the Zambian Permanent Secretary of Health, point out the need to further improve the quality of medical training in Zambia and increase the number of graduates in the Zambian health sector.

The present challenges in the Zambian health sector, such as the lack of qualified nursing staff, were at the centre of the SolidarMed strategic planning meeting. Zambian stakeholders from ministries and authorities discussed these issues with experts from vocational training and the medical sector. They identified the priority needs in the areas of personnel, infrastructure and transport in order to design SolidarMed's decentralised training model even more effectively in the future. A total of ten Health Colleges are being strengthened by SolidarMed with the support of the Hilti Foundation and the LED. This takes place, for example, as part of the SUDEN project, which focuses on nursing and midwifery schools.

*TV1 is a state television station in Zambia.