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29. August 2023

Over 15,000 farms in Mali supported

The «Jigitugu» project strengthens the economic inclusion and food security of young women and men through sustainable agriculture. The LED has been supporting the Helvetas project since 2021. Thanks to training and advice, access to suitable seeds and treatment with biopesticides, both production and income of smaller family farms have increased. The approximately 240 agricultural advisors trained for this purpose were recruited directly from the communities. The development of «Jigitugu» is very encouraging - by the end of 2022, 15,866 family farms were able to improve their nutritional situation as a result - 3,500 of these farms were managed by women. The often cited positive impact of the project benefited 2073 lactating mothers and malnourished children last year. Local agriculture was diversified - poultry farming, vegetable cultivation as well as the cultivation of fonio millet was promoted.


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