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06. April 2023

New LED Project in Cambodia: Digital learning materials for vocational Training

Cambodian vocational education and training faces the challenge of having too few and barely adapted teaching materials. In this field Liechtenstein's expertise and experience are highly welcome in Cambodia: 
Together with the Vocational Education and Training Directorate of the Cambodian Ministry of Labour, the LED has launched a project that will produce high-quality digital teaching materials. This process will then be used to build up specific experience in the field of teaching material production. 
At the start of the project, the VET directorate exchanged views with the LED country coordinator Pius Frick and with representatives of the implementing organisation Swisscontact. All department chairs and their deputies were informed about the project. The focus on teaching materials was welcomed all around, as this area is a neglected element in Cambodia's still young vocational education. Please see the project sheet for more information.
Photo above: On Thursday, 30 March, the Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Labour was signed in a ceremony in the capital Phnom Penh. This lays a good foundation for cooperation in the area of teaching materials in vocational education and training.