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23. May 2024

More than agricultural training: the SIFA project in Senegal


How agricultural training can help change life plans: Among other things, a SIFA graduate from Senegal describes in the 5-minute-video (French with English subtitles) what this training means to him and how he would like to motivate other young people to choose the same path.


Background: In the southwest of Senegal, the LED supports several agricultural training centers for young people together with its implementation partner Swisscontact (more information in the project description). The video shows in an impressive way how those responsible want to create a training basis together with Senegalese young people, with the help of which they can shape their future as independent small agricultural entrepreneurs in their home country - because too many young people are still leaving the rural regions today to find work in the capital Dakar or they are even risking their lives as boat refugees on their way to Europe.


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