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25. May 2023

Local government in Tanzania commends Swissaid project CROPS4HD

Since 2018, the LED has been supporting Swissaid's country programme in Tanzania and thus also the CROPS4HD project from 2021. The project in the Tanzanian coastal regions of Mtwara and Lindi (near the border with Mozambique) promotes the production and consumption of resilient and often neglected local plant species and aims to ensure a healthy and balanced diet for the population. Dr Bora Gretha Haule, Lindi's Deputy Regional Secretary for Industry, Trade and Investment, recently affirmed that the Swissaid project has helped many smallholder farmers to secure their food in the longer term and increase their income. In total, the activities carried out since March 2022 have reached 9,000 smallholders. As Swissaid's activities with CROPS4HD demonstrate, state and private actors in Tanzania are committed to spreading agroecology. The LED portfolio supports these efforts at various levels.


Picture above: Inauguration of a community seed bank for the CROPS4HD project.

Bild von Local government in Tanzania commends Swissaid project CROPS4HD