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14. March 2023

LED with Foreign Minister and AAA in Bolivia

Foreign Minister Dominique Hasler is taking five days for her visit to Bolivia accompanied by the LED and the AAA (Office of Foreign Affairs). The diplomatic delegation from Liechtenstein will meet, among others, the Bolivian Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta Mayta in the capital La Paz between March 11 and 16: Both countries want to use this opportunity to push forward the signing of a framework agreement on bilateral cooperation between the two countries. A meeting with the Minister of Education Edgar Pary is also scheduled.

During three days, the delegation will visit various LED projects in Sucre, almost 700km from the capital: first, the IPTK project in the department of Potosí, which focuses on food security through the consolidation of agricultural production capacity in San Pedro de Macha and on healthy and conscious food enterprises of migrant women in Sucre. Visits are also planned to the FAUTAPO project (educational integration in higher technical training centers) and the CFIR-Vera project, which aims to improve access to quality, qualified and sustainable education for youth and adults.

In addition, the Liechtenstein delegation will meet with the Swiss Ambassador Edita Vokral and the Swiss Head of Cooperation Ueli Mauderli (DFA), as well as hold an event with the ambassadors and representatives of international cooperation accredited in Bolivia.