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20. July 2023

LED team explores geology of Liechtenstein

Summer action on site in the Liechtenstein Alps with the Liechtenstein Development Service: Daniel Miescher, member of the LED Foundation Board and renowned expert on the geology of Liechtenstein, made the LED team aware of the major geological interrelationships and their effects on today's human habitat.
On the way from Malbun to Alpe Guschg in Steg, Daniel Miescher explained, for example, the multi-layered, parallel transformation processes to which we owe today's majestic Alpine world in Liechtenstein and the Rhine Valley. Who would have thought, looking at this ophiolite at the "Schmelzikopf"(picture on the left above), that this rock was once (basaltic) lava, which, millions of years ago, solidified under the pressure and cold of the Tethys Sea to its typical pillow shape?