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05. April 2022

LED supports agricultural micro-enterprises in Burkina Faso

Together with its partner organisation Helvetas, LED has been investing in the so-called HÔ-HALÈ project in Burkina Faso, one of the poorest countries in the world, for several years. The project aims to sustainably improve the food and nutrition security of rural communities in the southern Cascades region through the professional and entrepreneurial integration of young people and women into promising agricultural market systems.  Skills such as the cultivation of Moringa trees (so-called horseradish trees) as well as bee and fish farming are intended to help ensure the survival of families.

In the Helvetas video, Salmata (40), a mother of 5 children in Burkina Faso, tells how she learned beekeeping as part of this project and is gradually creating her livelihood as a result.

This three-minute video is currently only available with French subtitles.

Here you can find another video about the HÔ-HALÈ project.