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12. June 2023

LED supports «Creativo» project in the Republic of Moldova

Together with the SDC, the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, the LED supports the Creativo project in the Republic of Moldova. On 27 April, the practical training course for greenhouse cultivation was launched at the agricultural school in Svetlii, in the south of Moldova, as part of Creativo. The LED project manager Miriam Speh (pictured above) attended the official start of the course. A total of ten Moldovan vocational training institutions are receiving support. In advance, they are required to submit a business plan in which they develop their continuing education programmes or present other promising business ideas, such as a car repair shop attached to the vocational school. An essential criteria is demand orientation, i.e. the creation of educational or service offers for which there is a proven need and thus a demand.

This project strengthens VET institutions financially, gives VET students the opportunity to gain practical work experience, and enlarges the range of further education offered by the schools. This improves the quality of education and the employability of young people and adults.