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10. July 2023

LED receives visit from partner organisation SAT


On Monday, 3 July, LED in Schaan received a visit from Sustainable Agriculture Tanzania (SAT) and planet10. As part of the partnership between LED and SAT, the organisations exchanged information about the developments in Tanzania as well as about the new LED strategy. SAT and planet10 also informed about their new project: Together, they are currently working on standardising data collection and analysis in SAT's numerous departments in order to improve efficiency and accuracy. The developed software also has great potential to simplify the internal control system of smallholder cooperatives in Tanzania and to facilitate the complex certification processes.


Caption from left to right: David Etienne, co-owner planet10; Andreas Sicks, CEO LED; Patrik aus der Au, LED project manager for Tanzania; Alex Wostry, co-managing director SAT and Roman Küpfer, co-owner planet10 during their meeting in the LED office in Liechtenstein.