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04. April 2024

LED participates in SSNUP workshop in Luxembourg

The LED participated in the SSNUP workshop held in March in Luxembourg.


The programme partners of the Smallholder Safety Net Upscaling Programme (SSNUP) met in Luxembourg at the end of March to draw a balance of what has been achieved so far and prepare for the next programme phase from 2025. LED CEO Andreas Sicks and LED Project Manager Marion Reichenbach represented the LED at this meeting. LED has been involved in the SSNUP programme as a bilateral donor since 2021. LED values the fruitful partnership with impact investors and other donors in the SSNUP programme to promote the productivity and resilience of smallholder farmers in Africa, Latin America and Asia through improved risk management and more sustainable farming practices.


SSNUP milestones
Since the start of the programme in 2020, 79 technical assistance projects have been approved, supporting 184 organisations and around 115,000 smallholder farmers in 29 partner countries. The programme contributes to improving the food security and living standards of smallholder households and promotes the development of sustainable agricultural value chains. Support for smallholder farmers is to be continued in order to create a more resilient and sustainable future for all.