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23. April 2024

LED organizes strategic workshop on education in Liechtenstein

At the beginning of April, the LED organised an internal specialists' exchange and strategy workshop on its key topics of vocational education and training. For this event, it invited all those responsible for these key topics  from LED project offices all around the world to Liechtenstein. The internal exchange of expertise kicked off with a joint visit to the LELAM International TVET Conference at ETH Zurich on 4 and 5 April. This was followed by a discussion in Schaan, Liechtenstein, between those responsible for LED education and vocational training in Liechtenstein, Cambodia, Bolivia and Moldova on the strategic direction of the LED education programme in the various priority countries. Other key topics included the different education systems in the LED project countries, the experiences of the team members in the fields of project identification, donor coordination and environment monitoring, as well as challenges and opportunities in cooperation with local authorities and the private sector.


The LED team of educational and vocational training professionals from left to right: Pius Frick, LED Country Coordinator Cambodia; Ingrid Tapia, LED Country Coordinator Bolivia; Andreas Sicks, CEO; Cecilia Larrea, Project Manager LED Bolivia; Miriam Speh and Julia Heeb, both Project Manager LED Liechtenstein. The colleagues from the Republic of Moldova are missing from the picture.