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27. May 2024

LED is drawing attention to imminent shortage of skilled workforce in Cambodia

(Schaan, May 17, 2024) The well-known Cambodian daily newspaper «Khmer Times» published an article last week about the country's looming shortage of skilled workers in the field of electric vehicles. One of the experts interviewed in the article is the head of the LED project office in the capital Phnom Penh.


Even small electric vehicles are still a rare sight on Cambodia's roads. The Cambodian government wants to change this and plans to have around one million electric two- or three-wheelers and 100,000 electric cars on the roads by 2042. The industry is also waiting in the wings to create the necessary infrastructure. One major hurdle is the shortage of skilled workers in this area.


Pius Frick, the LED country coordinator in Phnom Penh, has taken an in-depth look at this time-critical topic and held talks with various industry representatives. He is one of the interviewees in the English-language newspaper Khmer Times who are drawing attention to this gaping hole in the Cambodian education market and its slowing effect. This awareness-raising work will hopefully soon bear fruit.


Green light from Liechtenstein

At the LED office in Liechtenstein, LED CEO Andreas Sicks is also monitoring developments in Cambodia and is signaling the green light:  «As a bilateral donor, LED is ready to support skills development in electromobility in Cambodia. “Vocational training and employability” is one of our two priority areas in the new LED strategy 2023 to 2026.» Here, LED can help give young Cambodians sustainable prospects for the future.


Today there are only a few electric vehicles on the streets of Cambodia. The government wants it to grow to over a million by 2042. (Foto: LED)