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19. July 2023

LED cofinances training materials for SysCom project

Youtube-Video: Living in abundance – encounters with agroforestry (HD)


Since 2019, the LED has been co-financing the SysCom project, which is being carried out by the Research Institutes of Organic Agriculture FiBL. The international research project involves application-oriented long-term comparisons between conventional and organic farming methods in the three tropical countries of Bolivia, Kenya and India, and compares organic with conventional methods. The trials aim to clarify how organic farming contributes to sustainable development in an economically viable way.


This research project also produced and wrote a comprehensive set of professional training materials to enable practical application of the methods developed. The training materials document the expertise and project progress in the research areas in the three countries in a convincing and clear way: the videos, fact sheets, posters, booklets and abstracts are publicly available and provide up-to-date information partly in several languages (English, Spanish, French, German). If disseminated appropriately, they contribute significantly to a better understanding and to the growing acceptance and strengthening of organic agriculture - both in the research countries and in the donor countries.


Examples from the rich fund of materials:


Documentation with personal portraits of the concerns, joys, and successes of eleven Indian organic cotton farmers


Student abstracts on the successes, opportunities, and potential of organic agriculture to contribute to sustainable development. 


Article for the public (in German)

List of videos about SysCom in Bolivia (sustainable cacao farming) 



Artikel für die Öffentlichkeit auf Deutsch


Liste der Videos über SysCom in Bolivien (nachhaltiger Kakaoanbau)