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08. February 2023

LED co-finances "Journées de l'Agroécologie" in Senegal

From 6 to 16 February, the Days of Agroecology, called Journées de l'Agroécologie (JAE) will take place in Senegal for the fourth time, first decentralised in the regions until 13 February and then the finale takes place in the capital Dakar on 14/15 February. Together with other organisations, the LED is co-financing this initiative organised by the DyTAES network in Senegal.



DyTAES stands for "Dynamique pour une Transition Agroécologique au Sénégal" and aims to strengthen agroecology in Senegal. It shows a path towards a transformation of agriculture towards more climate resilience. At this event, farmers, researchers, representatives of organisations, authorities and associations, as well as students, will take advantage of the opportunity for personal dialogue, professional exchange and assessment of the current situation. The Covid crisis and the Russian-Ukrainian war have shown how important resilience and autonomy of regional food systems are for food security.