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25. June 2024

How the LED strengthens clinicial education in Sambia - ACEZ project

The LED-funded ACEZ project aims to improve the practical training of all medical professionals and cadres. A total of four «skills labs», modern multidisciplinary training centres, have been set up for this purpose (see video below). Foreign Minister Dominique Hasler officially opened one of these centres in June during her visit to the project.

The skills labs are attached to large teaching hospitals and provide modern simulation-based training. Using high-quality simulation manikins, students practise not only simple skills such as suturing wounds, but also complex surgical procedures such as spinal cord puncture.

In addition to the training stations, the new skills labs house a computer lab for improved access to e-learning and a large teaching room. The ACEZ project is working at a national level to improve the teaching capacity and capability of lecturers and clinical instructors. 150 clinical educators are being optimally prepared for their demanding professional activities and at the same time master's programmes for clinical simulation, clinical education and digital education are being developed here.


*Kabwe (population around 300,000) is located around 130 kilometres north of the Zambian capital Lusaka. 


This SolidarMed video offers a deeper insight into the ACEZ project: