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03. April 2023

Food security: LED presentation at the gymnasium in Vaduz

Around 840 million people will suffer from malnutrition in 2030*. How can this be averted and what does food security actually mean? Two committed geography and their 3rd grade students of the Liechtensteinische Gymnasium in the capital Vaduz wanted to know this in more detail. They invited the LED to give a lecture on food security as part of their teaching objectives. The LED project leader Cheikh Mbacke Gueye gladly accepted the invitation. Born and raised in Senegal, and co-responsible for the area of "food security" at the LED, Cheikh knows what he is talking about. His interactive presentation on March 21 was divided into several parts: Keynote speech, group work by the students, closing remarks around the topic of food security and the work of the LED.

*Source: FAO forecast