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29. February 2024

FL Foreign Minister signs Cooperation Agreement with Cambodia

Phnom Penh, 29 February: Government Councellor Dominique Hasler and Foreign Minister Sok Chenda Sophea sign the framework agreement on development cooperation between Liechtenstein and Cambodia. (Picture ikr)


Liechtensteins Minister of Foreign Affairs, Education and Sports of Liechtenstein Dominique Hasler paid a two-day visit to the LED's new priority country. The focus of the visit was the ceremonial signing of the framework agreement between Cambodia and Liechtenstein on development cooperation by Cambodian Foreign Minister Sok Chenda Sophea and "Her Excellency" Dominique Hasler on 29 February. This agreement is a good basis for fruitful co-operation with the aim of long-term poverty reduction.


The LED supports Cambodia in its efforts to improve vocational education and training. In addition to the existing low-wage labour market, a more qualified workforce should also create more jobs that generate more added value in the country and also enable a higher income. Vocational education and training is therefore a central concern of Cambodia's national development strategy and Liechtenstein's contribution is very welcome.


Dominique Hasler took the opportunity to meet with Minister of Education Hang Chuon Naron and Heng Sour, Minister of Labour and Vocational Training, to get an idea of the challenges facing education and vocational training and to highlight the commitment of the LED.


The visit was also a benefit for the LED on the ground. The framework agreement and the visit underline the LED's role as a bilateral donor to Liechtenstein. Pius Frick, Country Coordinator for the LED in Cambodia: "This visit was a very welcome support for our work as a mediator between the state structures and potential project implementation organizations. The framework agreement has been concluded. The LED will now draw up a country strategy to give Liechtenstein's involvement an even higher profile."


(Text P. Frick)