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13. January 2021

Digital talk: «Happiness and well-being in Peru and Tanzania»

Date/time: 13.01.2021/18:00 - 19:30 o'clock

Under this link you can watch the exciting discussion any time afterwards. Enjoy!


Belgian researcher and professor Eric Lambin has identified 4 factors that contribute to the personal happiness of people worldwide: The personal situation, social, environmental and institutional environment and security. How are these individual areas of happiness expressed in Tanzania and Peru in daily life? Which factors are essential for the well-being of people there? Are proverbs like «Europeans have the clock, we have the time.» really true? And can development cooperation projects contribute to the well-being of the people in Tanzania and Peru?


The panelists Martin Fischler, Helvetas Regional Coordinator for Tanzania, Ethiopia and Mozambique, Nicole Matt-Schlegel, expert for development cooperation in Peru, and Shamim Daudi, Programm Officer of Helvetas in Tanzania, addressed these critical questions and discussed them with the audience.


The event was partly held in English.


Copyright picture: Simon B. Opladen

Bild von Digital talk: «Happiness and well-being in Peru and Tanzania»