The Liechtenstein National Museum and the exhibition «GLOBAL HAPPINESS» as well as the complementary exhibition «Showing solidarity – because Liechtenstein cares about everyone's welfare» opened on 15 May 2020. Luckily, it has been possible to extend the exhibition to 28 February 2021. Although guided tours of the exhibitions are currently not possible due to coronavirus, we are very much looking forward to you visiting us on your own from 15 May onwards! 

The Helvetas touring exhibition goes in search of traces of happiness – in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and around the world. The journey explores the question of what sustainable happiness could look like. Happiness that contributes to personal, community and global well-being and does not harm the environment, other people or future generations. And what is it that makes the world, us, me and you happy? 


The striving for happiness is an old and worldwide human longing. Especially today, in the context of the debate on a sustainable earth and the adoption of the UN goals for sustainable development, the question arises again: What could «sustainable happiness» look like? 


Complementary exhibition «Showing solidarity – because Liechtenstein cares about everyone's welfare».


As an introduction to the exhibition, the anteroom shows the importance of Liechtenstein solidarity in the world: What do Liechtenstein civil society, the State, and the private sector contribute to promoting happiness and well-being in disadvantaged regions of the world? And how do they thus contribute to the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development?


The exhibition «GLOBAL HAPPINESS» focuses on the idea of «sustainable happiness» in an innovative way. Come and visit us!


Current exhibition location: Liechtenstein National Museum, Städtle 43, 9494 Vaduz, Liechtenstein

When: 15 Mai 2020 to 28 February 2021.


General opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Wednesdays 10.00 am - 8.00 pm

Monday closed


Information for teachers: You can find information on the educational offers for secondary level I and II here.

Events around the exhibition: The dates and further information on supporting events around the exhibition that have been postponed for the time being due to Covid-19 can be found here at a glance. There you will also find all the information about the digital «Happy Hours» with exciting lectures about happiness and the dates when you can learn more about the exhibitions at the Liechtenstein National Museum at Infopoints.
Program brochure: Due to Covid-19 the program brochure of the exhibition is no longer up to date. If you are still interested, you can download the program brochure here.  

Materials for Media:

The current media release from 11.05.2020 for the opening of the exhibition can be found here


In the following, media representatives will find additional pictures of the exhibition for download:

  •  «Complementary exhibition showing solidarity»: the complementary exhibition shows that Liechtenstein is committed to the wellfare of all. Fotolink (© Sven Beham)
  •  «Interactive showing solidarity»: In the complementary exhibition, visitors experience the theme of solidarity in an interactive way. Fotolink (© Sven Beham)
  •  «Happiness Pavilions»: The exhibition leads through six theme pavilions from individual happiness to world happiness. Fotolink (© Sven Beham)
  •  «Personal Happiness»: Pavilion 3 on «personal happiness» deals with happiness and consumption. Fotolink (© Sven Beham)
  •  «Happiness fundus»: The Fundus presents lucky objects from people from Liechtenstein, Switzerland and other countries worldwide. Fotolink (© Sven Beham)
  •  «Happiness stories»: People from Switzerland, Guatemala and Bhutan tell in video messages what makes them personally happy. Fotolink (© Sven Beham)


On the Helvetas website, media representatives can find more additional material about the exhibition.

For all matters related to the exhibitions «GLOBAL HAPPINESS» und «Showing solidarity», please contact:


Claudia Digruber

T +423 782 09 78