Tu, 29. September 2020

Talk: Mona Vetsch and happiness

Event already over, but live stream can be watched at any time
Begin: 18.30 o'clock
End: 20.00 o'clock
Location: Liechtensteinisches LandesMuseum, Vaduz

This event of 29.09.2020 can be watched at any time under this link


In her four-part TV summer series, Mona Vetsch asked people in Switzerland about happiness factors. Do money, children, beauty or faith make people happy? Now Nadja R. Buser, exhibition manager for GLOBAL HAPPINESS, turns the tables and lets Mona Vetsch talk: What makes her happy? What have all these happy conversations done with her? And what has she always wanted to get rid of about happiness? An entertaining and informative conversation between two happiness experts in their prime.



Bild von Talk: Mona Vetsch and happiness