We, 03. February 2021

Talk: «Can happiness be bought?»

Live stream can be watched at any time.
Begin: 18.00 o'clock
End: 19.00 o'clock

Due to the current situation, the event took place online. Under this link you can review the talk on Facebook any time. You do not need a Facebook account for this. 


What drives us when we get into a buying frenzy? How do wage levels and satisfaction correlate? Are poor people or millionaires happier? Is economy necessarily linked to growth? How can we shop so that we are happy? Economic psychologist Christian Fichter answers these and other questions in the live talk on 3 February. Voices from the South will also be recorded - from the current Helvetas exhibition "Global Happiness" about sustainable happiness.

Christian Fichter heads the Institute for Business Psychology and Research at Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences in Zurich. "It is my job to make the knowledge of psychology known in business and society. Because psychology is as important as reading, writing and arithmetic," says Fichter. His main areas of interest are consumption, mobility, image, social cognition and the evolutionary foundations of economic behaviour.


The event was held in German. 


Copyright pictures: Christian Fichter

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