Su, 28. February 2021

Finissage with Happy Planet Index Inventor Nic Marks

Live stream can be watched at any time
Begin: 17.00 o'clock
End: 18.15 o'clock

Due to the current situation, the event took place online. This link will lead you directly to the recording of the livestream. You do not need a Facebook account for this. 


The landscape of charitable initiatives in Liechtenstein is diverse and contributes to happiness and well-being in society. The various organizations bring people together, move, support, ensure sustainability and encourage reflection. Successful initiatives in Liechtenstein presented themselves and their diverse activities in a colourful video. 


The lively Brit Nic Marks has invented the Happy Planet Index with his English think tank. It combines the search for happiness and quality of life with sustainability. How did he come up with this idea? Why is it revolutionary and how does it contribute to a globally happy, sustainable world? Nic Marks told this and more during the LIVE broadcast from London.


The interview was partly in English. It was translated via subtitles.


Bild von Finissage with Happy Planet Index Inventor Nic Marks