09. December until
10. December 2020

Digital film screening: «But Beautiful»

The 50 winners of the free access to the film have already been determined.

The 50 winners of the free access to the film on 09./10.12. have already been determined. Registration is therefore unfortunately no longer possible. Thank you for your active interest!


After "We feed the World", "Let's make money" and "Alphabet", filmmaker Erwin Wagenhofer has made a film with people who lead a sustainable and meaningful life.

At Barefoot College in India, women from Africa, Asia and Latin America learn how to use solar energy and bring this knowledge back to their villages. A Swiss couple emigrate and create a flourishing permaculture oasis on depleted land. A forester from Austria, out of love for nature, invents a house made of wood, which does not need to be heated or cooled. The Dalai Lama's sister looks after Tibetan children in exile and gives them values that he proclaims such as "Happiness is the true meaning of our lives, the long-lasting happiness". These stories are interwoven with seductive music from the USA, Mexico and Austria. Let us encourage you!

Bild von Digital film screening: «But Beautiful»