Mission statement

The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED)…

  • engages in bilateral development cooperation on behalf of the Liechtenstein government. 
  • is active above all in rural regions in the areas of education and rural development. 
  • considers social justice, the advancement of women and the environment in all of its activities.
  • is a private-law foundation established by the population and government of Liechtenstein. 
  • was founded in 1965.




The LED is committed to creating a world where…

  • men and women can decide their own fates and everyone enjoys basic human rights. 
  • poverty has been overcome. 
  • the basic needs of all people are met. 
  • everyone gets fair wages and pays fair prices. 
  • the natural resources are shared with future generations. 
  • conflicts are solved by peaceful means. 
  • cultural diversity is perceived as enriching and fostered.

The LED aims to ...

  • provide help and give hope to disadvantaged people in economically weak regions through the financing and realisation of specific projects. 
  • actively collaborate long-term with organisations from Europe and the partner countries. 
  • provide lacking expertise by supplying experts. 
  • promote the exchange of knowledge and experience sharing between people and countries. 
  • represent the interests and views of the people in the partner countries in Liechtenstein. 
  • promote the active solidarity shown by the people of Liechtenstein and highlight it nationally and internationally.


The LED values …

  • competent partners that focus on the needs of the target groups. 
  • long-term relationships that are based on trust, responsibility and reliability. 
  • honest communication that openly addresses strengths and weaknesses. 
  • lean management with fast and easy-to-follow processes. 
  • cost-conscious and correct finance handling.